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The Pocket Book of Weaving


From best-selling author and crafting queen Claire Gelder, this gorgeous mini guide is packed full of weaving know-how, practical illustrations and comes with six simple-but-stunning projects.

Perfect for complete beginners, Claire clearly explains everything you need to know about weaving: choosing and using different looms; how to make and successfully warp a loom; a selection of weaving stitches; and how to remove your material from the loom.

It is structured as a simple 3-step course that will help you progress from bronze to gold as your skills and confidence grow. Before you know it you'll be weaving a stripy bookmark, stylish wall hanging and pompom flower bag on a rectangular loom, and chic coasters, a statement wall hanging and a vibrant flower power motif on a circular loom. Filled with positive affirmations and beautifully illustrated, this wonderful book is the ideal introduction to weaving for a complete beginner.

Treat yourself or a loved one to a little self-care with some mindful crafting, and create something beautiful today!

Table of Contents

A little bit about me and Wool Couture 6
What’s in this book? 12

Getting started
What tools do you need for weaving? 18
Essential tools 26

Rectangular looms
Warping a rectangular loom 28
DIY rectangular loom 31
Plain stitch 34
How to change colours and weave in ends 36
Hem stitch 38
How to remove your work 40
How to embroider a chain stitch 42
How to add a knot fringe 43
Bronze level project: Stripy monogram bookmark 46
Working with roving 54
Rya knots 56
Soumak knots 57
Increasing and decreasing 58
Interweaving 58
Mounting your weaving 60
Tiny felted pompoms 62
Silver level project: Summertime wall hanging 64
Three-stranded braid 76
How to make a rya loop 78
How to embroider lazy daisy stitch 80
Gold level project: Pompom bag 82

Circular looms
Warping a circular loom 90
Plain stitch 94
How to change colours and weave in ends 96
How to remove your work 97
Bronze level project: Stripy mug coaster 98
Warping a metal or embroidery hoop 104
How to make a lark’s head knot 108
Silver level project: Rainbow wall hanging 110
Gold level project: Flower power motif 120

Weaving notes 128