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Saunders Waterford Watercolour Block - 300g CP Not


Saunders Waterford traditional white is a premium watercolour paper crafted using time-honored methods on a cylinder mould machine. This top-tier product from St Cuthberts Mill bears the prestigious Royal Watercolour Society endorsement. Composed entirely of cotton, the finest papermaking material available, it meets stringent archival standards. Each sheet incorporates calcium carbonate, safeguarding artwork against discolouration caused by atmospheric pollutants.

The paper's unique surface texture results from natural woollen felts used in production. Gelatine sizing enhances its durability, allowing it to withstand scrubbing and other rigorous techniques.

This package contains 20 sheets of acid-free, 140lb (300gsm) Saunders Waterford watercolour paper. All four edges are gummed. Its superior quality makes it suitable for both professional artists and amateurs alike.


  • 100% cotton, 140lb (300gsm) watercolour paper

  • 20 sheets, block glued on all 4 sides

  • Sized in gelatine making it strong and resilient to scrubbing, and other rough treatments