Rit DyeMore for Synthetics

Color - Smokey Blue

Rit DyeMore for Synthetics

Rit DyeMore is a dye specially made for synthetic fabrics like polyester, acrylic, acetate, plus blends that contain those fibres. And like the original formula, DyeMore is non-toxic and perfect for use in the home.

Available from us in a range of colours.

A dye made specifically for synthetic fabrics, which includes anything with 35% or more polyester, acrylic or acetate. Each little bottle packs a colourful punch and is ready to deliver a custom touch to garments new and old, household items, and more. It even works on 3D printed items, lacrosse sticks, wigs and most plastics. Plus, just like our original formula, Rit DyeMore is non-toxic and safe for sewer and septic systems.

*Important Note: Due to the complexity of dyeing synthetics, you must use Rit DyeMore with the stovetop method to maintain an almost boiling temperature for the duration of your dyeing. Accordingly: (1) you cannot use Rit DyeMore to dye anything that won’t fit into a pot on your stove and (2) you cannot use your washer because the machine won’t be able to achieve the water temperature needed for Rit DyeMore to penetrate the fabric

you can find the instructions here https://www.ritdye.com/instructions/how-to-use-dyemore-for-synthetic-fibers/