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Pebeo Acrylic Pouring Medium

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Pebeo Pouring Medium is a clear, super glossy and fluid acrylic medium that you mix with acrylic paint to get those marble and cell effects. It thins out the paint so you can easily pour and drip the acrylic, giving you a smooth, shiny finish without any cracks or bubbles. When you combine the acrylic paint with the pouring medium, it stops the colors from fully mixing together, allowing you to create vibrant patterns, cells, and marbled looks on paper, wood panels, and canvas.

Pebeo's Acrylic Pouring Medium won't alter the properties or colours of your acrylic paint, so the hues stay true and vivid. It's low on odour and won't yellow over time, making it a versatile choice for artists.

How to Use It: Just mix the Pouring Medium straight into your acrylic paint in a cup or container, give it a good stir, and then pour that magical mixture onto your surface. You can also combine multiple colors in one cup before pouring. Check out the product video for more pro tips.

Tilt your surface in different directions until it's all covered up. Use tools like a cocktail stick to move the colors around. 

Adding Titanium White Acrylic Paint to your Pouring Medium and other acrylic colours can also help create those cells.

You can even use it as a glossy varnish over your finished paintings and mixed-media pieces.

So, go ahead and pour and drip to your heart's content – get creative with Pebeo Pouring Medium!