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Nature Imprinted - Jane Spink



Capture the beautiful natural world with printmaking linocut blocks from Inky Dog Studio's Jane Spink. Learn to make your own linocut blocks of the world all around you.

Jane Spink, founder of dynamic and successful Inky Dog Studio, shares her working process for creating her stunning prints inspired by the natural world. Be taken through the initial sketches and inspirational photos, explore different linocut 'doodles' to discover your favourite marks to carve, then ultimately carve the final design onto a block.

Following an inspirational chapter and demo exercise on key linocut techniques, Jane guides you through 10 striking projects, each adding useful skills as you proceed. In this way, you build and develop your carving and printing skills at your own pace, while creating a remarkable work of art. Learn to carve birds, flowers, leaves and more, and simultaneously see how to make negative images, incorporate different colours and make complex versions.

From ready-to-use templates for all the projects, you can start making your own print blocks, and learn tips for developing the skills to create your own.

This is a gorgeous, highly visually intuitive how-to book that breaks away from the dry step-by-step guide, and will be a springboard for you to set out on, or advance further along, your own nature-inspired linocut journey.

"There is such joy in making a piece of art which is entirely yours: the outcome of a personal journey of creation which starts off as a mere idea in your mind’s eye; an idea which you take through the various stages of development, before creating a real-life, tangible piece of art, in every way personal to you."

"... My mission is to try and interpret the many incredibly beautiful markings and textures I see on the plants and animals around me, into the simplified marks that make up my prints."

Table of Contents


What is linocutting?

Tools & equipment



Demo project

Design & inspiration

No. 1: First Carves
No. 2: Plant Therapy
No. 3: A Study in Lino
No. 4: Getting Bolder
No. 5: It's All in the Details
No. 6: Let's Add colour
No. 7: My Walk Today
No. 8: More Blocks, Please
No. 9: Inspired by My Garden
No. 10: Mixing It Up!


Last word: taking it further