Ink Pad

Color - Gold
Good quality, acid-free coloured stamp ink for a range of surfaces including paper, card, cardboard, papier-mache and so on. Can also be used on fabrics which, after ironing, can withstand mild handwashing.

The stamp pad is easy to use. Simply dab the stamp ink directly onto the stamp in an even layer. The amount of ink on the stamp determines the intensity of the impression – the more ink you apply, the clearer the impression. After use, clean the stamps in lukewarm water..

You can use the stamp pad to make eye-catching stamp prints on cards, labels, cardboard hangers or in scrap books, for example. But why stop there? You can also use the stamp pad for stamp printing on wooden discs, self-hardening clay and as a patina on embossing patterns. If you want to print stamps on textiles, this stamp ink is ideal for that as well – after decorating and allowing the design to dry, simply heat-set the decoration by ironing on the back of the fabric so that it can withstand mild handwashing (gold and silver ink cannot be washed however)