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Easy Acrylic Painting


Create ten captivating little works of art with this unique introduction to acrylic painting.

Easy Acrylic Painting is an all-inclusive guide to getting started with acrylic painting for the absolute beginner, brought to you by experienced teacher Jennifer Funnell. This approachable guide to acrylics is designed to empower those wanting to try acrylic painting by building their skills and knowledge through ten small life paintings. Specifically designed to accommodate a beginner: the steps are broken down in an easy-to-understand way that is transferable to future paintings and includes traceable outlines so you can get started right away!

Table of Contents



Chapter One: Acrylic Painting Supply Guide

Chapter Two: Learning to See - Objects as Forms

Chapter Three: Value and Colour

Chapter Four: Acrylic Painting Techniques

Chapter Five: Acrylic Painting Process

Chapter Six: Projects
White mug, Skeleton key, Mushroom, Radish, Bell Pepper, Green leaves, Glass of water, Silver spoon, Green bud vase, Stainless kettle.

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