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Basic Doodle Card Deck - Pacific Knit Co



THE BASIC DOODLE DECK is your favourite new portable colourwork stitch dictionary!

The Basic Doodle Deck includes 51 Charts of simple, geometric motifs that work with any theme! It’s great “companion set” to any other Doodle Deck. This beginner-friendly deck focuses on designs with short floats that are easy to memorise, making it ideal to get started!

The ultimate way to inspire creative colourwork! Use these flexible mix-and-match chart cards to visually re-arrange and design the perfect colourwork pattern from start to finish.

Choose your construction method, choose your charts, choose your order/colours, and start knitting!

Each Doodle Card Deck includes:

  • (1) How to Doodle instruction card
  • (2) Full colour, illustrated schematics with bullet list instructions
  • (51) Unique 24-stitch colourwork charts
  • Custom printed cardboard tuckbox


    • 54-Card Poker (2.5 x 3.5”) Sized Deck