Addi CraSy Trio - Flexible DPNs

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Up your Sock Knitting game with ADDI's CraSyTrio Flexible Double-Pointed Needles!

These innovative needles feature a short section of flexible cord in the middle of each needle, allowing them to bend effortlessly. At 21 cm long, each needle boasts a standard tip on one end and a sharper lace point on the other, giving you the freedom to choose your preferred knitting style.

Available in sizes ranging from 2.25mm to 5mm, these flexible sock knitting needles accommodate projects of varying diameters with ease. When knitting in the round, distribute stitches over two needles while using the third for knitting, reducing needle changes to just two per row!

Designed by ADDI based on Sylvie Rasch's ingenious idea, the CraSyTrio simplifies techniques like short row heels and heel flaps. Split your stitches evenly between two needles for seamless short row heels, or allocate one-third of the stitches to one needle and the rest to the other for effortless heel flap knitting.

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