Abstract Embroidery


Rich in texture and vibrant in colour, Emily Botelho’s stunning abstract embroideries are works of art in thread and have earned her a worldwide following. In this, her first book, she showcases 12 beautiful projects inspired by three distinct environments: coastal, mountain and urban. She leads the reader through her unique creative process, from finding inspiration and creating bespoke fabric backgrounds to embellishing each embroidery with a diverse range of stitches, beads and found items that capture a moment in time. Her use of intuitive, slow stitching and a vibrant palette, taken from sources as diverse as mossy rocks or peeling paint, make each of her pieces completely unique.

Filled with sumptuous photographs, creative insights and helpful advice, along with an additional gallery section, this book will inspire creative embroiderers of all abilities.

Emily (@salt_stitches) is a firm believer that you don't need to go far to be inspired and she encourages you to engage in close observation of the natural world on your doorstep, whether you have stitched before or not. Due to the abstract nature of the craft, there are no patterns to follow or step-by-step instructions. You decide when a piece is finished, which gives you complete freedom to explore the textures that you’re working with. Every single piece will be unique, and that’s the beauty of it!

A range of Emily's downloadable textures available on Bookmarked Hub: www.bookmarkedhub.com