Another day, another yurt.

Hope all is well with folks out there as you read this! It’s windy and raining here in Northern Worcestershire, the recent warm weather has given way to the customary British Summer, so I’m taking a little time to update the site and write something. An activity that is not paid quite enough attention when there’s work to be done and sun to do it in. Worlds worst Blogger? Possibly.



The yurt I’ve been working on for the last few weeks is now up and gathering appreciative glances for it’s new owners, the lovely people up at Hopley’s Family Camping, so this last week has been spent frantically trying to catch up on all the work I haven’t done to convert our new motorhome, a 2003 Ford Transit box van called Wanda. She’s still far from done, but now sleeps 5 in comfort.


I’ll post more photo’s as progress goes on. As for the activities of yurtwrighting, the next one is on the planning board and the materials are ordered, so it’ll be back into it before the week’s out.

I’m also putting some other ideas together for my other activities in Bushcraft and Survival, so if that piques your interest, stay tuned 🙂



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