Howdy folks,

Things may seem a little quiet on the Craft and Canvas surface at the moment but trust me, behind the scenes I’m buried in paperwork and projections, plans and … well, plans.

I’m taking 5 from all that to start the process for Yurt rental. Yeep!

We are going to start taking bookings in May 2017 for our 5 meter yurts (still in planning stages but will be built fresh in time for then) at a nightly rate of £100, plus transport and any site fees. The lowdown is this: You find a campsite with suitable loveliness and facilities, we’ll come along and put up the yurt ready for your stay, furnish it, then come and take it down again at the end. We’ll charge 50p per mile for transport, plus the cost of the site itself. That’s it. A holiday to really remember has never been so affordable! Unless you count those ones in Spain where the hotel wasn’t finished yet…

So, if you’re interested, fill out the form on the Yurts page and we’ll be in touch!



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